Welcome to our hospital! We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and a warm, safe and welcoming environment that is designed to provide your pet with very the best available veterinary care. We invite you to take a virtual tour and get to know our facilities and we hope that you’ll decide to join us as a part of our extended family!

Front Desk

When you arrive at the clinic, you will check in with our lovely receptionists at the front desk, and get everything in order to see the doctor.

Exam Rooms

We have two exam rooms in our clinic, where we check out our fury friends and begin to take the steps towards them having a happy, and healthy life. You’ll notice we talk soft and slowly in front of your pets so they feel more relaxed during veterinary visits.

Routine checkups allow our experienced doctors to not only monitor your pet’s current health, but to also manage that health over time, identifying and addressing potential medical concerns as soon as they occur. Disease prevention and early detection can vastly improve the length and quality of your companion’s life. Bring them in today for a fear-free check-up.

Treatment Area

Our veterinary technicians and veterinarians perform routine preventive procedures, medical services and diagnostics in our treatment room.

Laboratory & Diagnostics

When an external exam simply isn’t enough to diagnose a potential medical problem in your pet, we must rely on veterinary diagnostics to help us pinpoint the issue so we can work toward an appropriate treatment plan. At Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic, we utilize a broad spectrum of routine diagnostic tools to help us manage the ongoing health of our patients.

Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic features an in-house laboratory which allows us to evaluate our patients for a variety of potential concerns, such as internal organ function, blood cell evaluation, bleeding problems, urinary problems, and cytology of lumps and bumps, as well as to properly evaluate every surgical case prior to administering anesthesia. Having our laboratory located right within our clinic allows us to gather results quickly – often before you and your pet have even left the exam room.

Digital Imaging Room

We offer state of the art radiology (x-ray) services, which give our experienced doctors the ability to capture images of what’s happening inside your pet’s body so we can reach a timely and accurate diagnosis. Digital x-ray images can also be electronically transmitted to other facilities as well as Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists for further review and expert analysis. Consultation reports can be returned in mere minutes if needed.

Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic also offers advanced ultrasound imaging services to further evaluate the internal functioning of our patients’ bodies. Ultrasound technology is non-invasive, painless, fast and accurate. For cases that require further analysis or an expert opinion, we have several Board Certified Ultrasound Specialists with whom we work. Pregnancy exams are also available.

In House Pharmacy

Our in-hospital pharmacy is fully stocked with everything from flea and tick preventatives to antibiotics and pain management drugs for use while your friend is in our care.

Dentristy Room

The team at Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic is experienced in all aspects of pet dentistry, including preventative care as well as the treatment and management of existing oral health conditions.

We utilize the most modern veterinary dental equipment to examine, clean and polish your pet’s teeth, preventing plaque and tartar build up and protecting against disease. Our digital dental x-ray equipment allows us to further analyze your companion’s teeth and oral structures so we can identify the signs of a problem and address it as quickly as possible.

Surgery Room

At Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic, we know that even though surgery is something that we deal with every day, it’s not something that you or your animal friend have to face very often. You want to be sure that your pet will be well cared for, and that they will be kept safe and comfortable at all times – before, during and following the procedure. Rest assured that your pet will be in excellent hands with our surgical team!

Kennel Room

We have private kennel rooms in our clinic, so that our patients can have a calm and quiet area while they stay with us.