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Dr. Denny Nolet, DVM

After going through the loss of a beloved family pet in his childhood, Denny decided that patching up injured animals was something he should learn to do. Viet Nam and five years in the Marine Corps put that dream on hold. Dr. Nolet studied Chemistry, Physics, and Zoology at Napa Community College and then transferred to Colorado State University two years later. After a BS in Zoology, Denny wanted to apply to Veterinary School; however he was not yet a Colorado resident. He did a MS in Parasitology and wrote his thesis on Colorado Tick Fever while building a log cabin from scratch with his wife (Marie-France) under the direction of a woman lumberjack. Denny was also working weekends and summers at the Center for Disease Control (Federal CDC) where they dealt with Plaque, Equine Encephalitis, Colorado Tick Fever and other diseases. On graduation they moved to Bend, Oregon where he worked for a year before running an emergency clinic in Everett, Washington for two years and eventually bought into a 24 hour clinic in Sacramento where they had a general practice, an emergency clinic, and a surgical and medical referral practice. Dr. Nolet did retire once for two years, but after traveling to Mexico to do free spays in coastal villages, he decided he missed it and came back into the field. He did spay and neuters for the County for 1 ½ years before buying his current practice. He still assists at the County Shelter on Tuesday mornings where he does rounds and gives advice on sick animals. In his free time, Denny wanders his property tending to his trees and shrubs. He has up to 321 species of trees and 180 species of shrubs. This also makes a great forest for his cats and dogs and the wildlife. 


Graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Colorado State University.

Specializes in small animal medicine.

Dr. Ronald Clutter, DVM

Dr. Ronald Clutter graduated from UC Davis with his Bachelor's degree and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1970. He has now been in the Veterinary field for 43 years, and specializes in helping small animals, such as dogs and cats.

Dr. Clutter owned and operated a small animal hospital for 30 years in Southern California. In 1997 he moved to Nevada City and has worked as a relief Veterinarian since then. Currently, Dr. Clutter is working with our clinic, and has been for the past year.

In his spare time he enjoys playing Golf or Tennis, and he is also a fan of Skiing, Water Skiing, and Fishing.

Associate Veterinarian

Graduated from UC Davis with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1970

Been in the veterinary feild for 43 years.

Specializes in small animal medicine.

Karen Meicht

Karen's parents helped shape her entry to the veterinary world. Her mother worked at a pet store, volunteered at the local zoo, and did wildlife rehabilitation. Her father's hobby was photography and his favorite thing to photograph was wildlife! It?s no surprise she got into veterinary medicine herself. As a teenager, Karen got a job as a Kennel Assistant, which blossomed into Kennel Manager and then Veterinary Assistant. While receiving her Bachelor's degrees in Anthropology and Biology, she worked on several internships with zoos, large animal veterinarians, and wildlife rehabilitators. After college she moved to California and worked at farm animal sanctuary for seven years before co-founding her own non-profit animal sanctuary with her partner, Monty. She worked as a Vet's Assistant for two more years before coming to Pine Creek, where she's been for almost seven years! Karen likes swapping stories with pet owners and directing them on animal care. She also enjoys continually learning and is still amazed at the knowledge of the doctors. At home, Karen lives with her partner Monty, their son Jonah, and their daughter Mandolin. Since Karen and Monty still run the animal sanctuary they founded, they have quite a lot of pets; 64 pigs, four goats, five geese, 35 chickens, two rabbits, two cockatiels, a Patagonian conure, three pigeons, seven dogs, nine cats, and four fish! Most of Karen's free time is spent managing the sanctuary and caring for her children.


Bachelor's degrees in Anthropology and Biology

Co-founded her own non-profit (Piece of Peace) animal sanctuary with her partner, Monty.

Kindra Wyatt

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Receptionist/ Vet Assistant

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Amber Starr

Growing up in Nevada County, Amber had a strong bond with animals and would often confide her deepest secrets to her pets. At a young age, she even considered becoming a zookeeper! Now she serves as a Registered Veterinary Technician at Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic. Through the Regional Occupational Program at her high school, Amber was placed at a Veterinary Hospital for training. That hospital hired her on as a kennel attendant, and she eventually moved to the reception area. By the fall of 2002, she was enrolled in a Veterinary Technology program at Western Career College while still working almost full-time. In 2011, she applied at Pine Creek and was hired immediately - she actually started work the same day as her interview! Amber particularly likes dental work and finds it satisfying to clean up a diseased mouth. She also enjoys the more basic tasks of inserting an IV catheter or drawing blood. Amber lives with her fiancé George. They have three dogs, two cats, and a ball python named Zombie. When she has free time, Amber enjoys camping at Fort Bragg, a traditional event with her dad since childhood. She also likes camping with her friends and fiancé, four wheeling, cuddling with her pets, and watching movies.

Veterinary Technician

Registered Veterinary Technician through the Technology program at Western Career College.

Tim Vintere

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Veterinary Assitant

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Allison Kirby

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Veterinary Assistant

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Jennifer Pfile

As a kid growing up in Grass Valley, California, Jennifer's family had many pets, including fish, chickens, rats, hermit crabs, rabbits, cats, and dogs. She would play doctor with her dogs and nurse chickens back to health. Her passion for animal care would continue into her adult life, and now she works as a Registered Veterinary Technician! Jennifer got into the veterinary field during her senior year of high school through a work placement program. In May of 2012 she graduated with her degree in Veterinary Technology from Yuba College, and started working at Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic that same month! She also began interning at a wildlife rescue, where she fed and nursed wild animals. She got her National Registered Technician's license and her California Registered Technician's license in November 2012. As a Technician, Jennifer particularly enjoys anesthesia because it keeps her on her toes. She also enjoys nursing patients - caring for animals when they're sick and watching them feel better is a wonderful feeling! At home, Jennifer has two dogs and two cats. Louie is a Queensland who considers himself the protector of the house, and Lila is a pitbull/Boston terrier cross that enjoys cuddling. Bandit and Haze, the cats, enjoy spending time outdoors playing and hunting. In her spare time, music is Jennifer's passion. She plays guitar and sings, and tries to attend as many concerts as possible. She also enjoys traveling, community events in Nevada County, photography, and spending time outdoors.

Veterinarian Technician

In May of 2012 she graduated with her degree in Veterinary Technology from Yuba College.

Has been at Pine Creek for over 2 years now.

Jennifer Leach

Jennifer grew up in Georgetown, California and spent most of her childhood outside, playing with animals and hanging out with her sisters. She even used to volunteer at Pine Creek with her sisters, helping on the weekends. She was hired at Pine Creek as an office Assistant in 2013. Jennifer helps with a bit of everything around the office. She also manages the social media and online marketing for the clinic.Jennifer has also been a receptionist here at pine creek since 2014. She loves working with animals and people, all while maintaining a positive attitude!

She particularly enjoys assisting with animals and seeing new procedures being performed. At home, Jennifer has a brown tabby cat named Toby. Jennifer loves being outdoors in nature and enjoys hiking and spending time at the Yuba River during the summer.


Volunteered at Pine Creek for years, starting in 2008.

Hired in 2013 as an Office Assistant.

Now a full time receptionist!


Katelyn Clark

When she was 13, Katelyn's family dog Dexter had an encounter with a car. Visiting him in the hospital, learning about this injuries, and helping him recover fully at home is what inspired Katelyn to help animals! Katelyn grew up in the Grass Valley and Penn Valley areas of California. Her veterinary career was sparked when she was still in high school - she enrolled in the veterinary and animal science class and immediately fell in love with it. After taking an optional advanced animal science class, she began her training at Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic in October of 2009. Nine months later, she was hired on and has been a Veterinary Assistant here ever since! In addition to lab/St. Bernhard mix Dexter, Katelyn has a rat/Boston/Shih Tzu mix named Noelle, a dog named Oscar, a dog named Looney Lovegood, and a cat named Phoebe. In her spare time, Katelyn enjoys reading, and says all her friends know her as a total bookworm! She also likes swimming, yoga, seeing movies, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Veterinary Assistant

Took optimal Animal Science Classes.

Has been at Pine Creek since 2009

Miranda Leach

Miranda was born in Sacramento and moved to Garden Valley at the age of six. Raised in the farm country, she developed a love for all animals, from cats to lizards, to chickens and cows! While attending college as an English major, Miranda feared she was losing her passion for the subject and realized she wanted to work with animals. After noticing a flyer for a Veterinary Assistant program, Miranda signed up and never turned back in her pursuit of working with animals. Now she's a Veterinary Assistant at Pine Creek and has been here for the past seven years! Miranda's favorite part of her job is the relationships she has with patients and clients. Medically, she likes phlebotomy, radiology, and bandaging injured animals. In her spare time, Miranda spends a lot of time at the Yuba River, hiking, exploring, and swimming with her dogs, sisters, and boyfriend Jon. She's currently a full-time student at Sierra College, majoring in history. She also is a musician and has been playing bass guitar in local bands since she was 16! She also does foster work through local animal rescue groups.

Veterinary Assistant

Completed ROP training to be a Veterinary Assistant through 49er ROP programm.

Has been in the Veterinary feild for over 9 years.